Areas of Specialty:

  • Medical e-Learning
  • Online medical courses
  • Multimedia medical presentations
  • Medical animations
  • Medical conferences
  • Pharmaceutical product launches
  • Medical webinars/web promotions
  • Sales training and promotional videos


Expertly Delivered.

When you’re searching for the right voice for your medical narration, wouldn’t it be great if you could find a professional voiceover talent who was also a doctor?

Then, you’d have the best of both worlds…a compelling and believable narrator who was not only fluent in medical terminology, but one who also understands complex medical/pharmaceutical concepts, allowing him to tell your story naturally, rather than simply reading from a script!



Scientific Animations • View Medica • Hybrid Medical Animations • MedMovie • Ghost Productions • Infuse Medical • Boston Digital Video • Illumina Interactive • Elm City Communications • Random42 • BioMedia Communications • Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide • • Audiobit Studios


Dr. Jerold Fleishman - Physician and Surgeon

For 25 years, Jerry split his time between the OR and his office, treating patients and caring for their needs. Engaging and connecting with both colleagues and patients, he has a confident and authoritative voice, ready to inspire and motivate listeners everywhere.

Using both his medical background and extensive experience as a full-time male voiceover talent, Jerry helps his clients deliver complex and critical content to their targeted audiences, whether they be doctors, patients, students or employees.

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